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August 19, 2008


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micaela6955 (Michele P.)

Pregnancy Cravings... now my babies are 7 & 15 but I can sure remember those cravings... With my son, it was Chinese fried rice (shrimp, pork or ham) and Peanut Butter ice cream sundae topping, plain. The only place they had that stuff at was in Augusta, about 18 miles away-so I drove down to the Friendlys restaurant with my mom and told them I wanted to BUY some peanut butter ice cream topping, no ice cream, just the topping. The male manager said they didn't do that, I'd have to buy an ice cream or something. The female waitress, seeing I was preggers, told him-let her have it-it's a craving and if she was willing to drive 18 miles for it, she deserves it... With my 7 yr old it was LATE nite as in 1-3 am Taco Bell drive thru trips, nachos loaded with jalapenos... hubby thought I was absolutely nuts. My daughter was nocturnal, so she was up jumping around when I was eating my nachos and on the computer, so it was all good. The things we do for cravings....

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How about great Wedding shower ideas. I am throwing one soon for my brother's soon to be wife. I have some good ideas, but just favor links, odd theme, you know where I am going with this. I already have the shirt and bought it for a friend of mine, so I don't need to win, but just thought I would share.
OH - and I don't plan to have anymore kids, so I would look silly in it.

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