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July 31, 2008


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Hello!! OK - I love it!!! You are crazy!!! I am becoming addicted to blog pages and I muct say - I will have to keep reading. I really just want to check how late you are staying up and then find out what time you get up to run and stuff!! You make me feel lazy!!
I will have to forward the fabrics to my girlfriend. She is wanting custom bedding. I think you know of a good line!! Let me know if you have time!! Keep it up. I am going to forward to some people I know.


Well, hey girl...I AM Paula Prass. Sure enough, I got a Google alert that I should come check out what was being said about me. All good! Thanks so much for blogging about me and my products/fabrics. I really appreciate the wonderful comments.

Now, about running. You know, I hear others say the same thing..that you feel awesome after a run. I must never have run long or hard enough, cuz all I ever felt was starving. It's so hot and steamy out that I hate going out to get the mail. I'm clearly a wimp and I truly admire un-wimps! Now, where's the ice cream?

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